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Team members said they worked together throughout the process, from the design to testing their final products. They even established both teams to have the same level of skill among its members.
Barbara Salas, a mechanical engineering major in her last semester of school, said she appreciated the chance to get an up close look at employment possibilities when she attended the Career Expo Friday, Oct. 11 at The University of Texas-Pan American.
Having his team's robot knocked out of the competition circle twice, Julio Jimenez felt faint. In round three, however, the Rio Hondo High School freshman and his team's robot, "The Destroyer," rebounded and knocked Progreso High School's robot, "Optimus Exterminator" off the circle the following three rounds to claim victory in the Robotics Day competition Oct. 10 at The University of Texas-Pan American.
UTPA President Robert S. Nelsen described Latina Day as special. "There are very special days -- there are birthdays, there's Christmas -- but for me, personally, this day is the most moving day, to see mothers and daughters here at our University, to see mothers helping their daughters to become the next leaders of America ... and take us to the next level," he said.
As he stood in front of the "Mars Rover Landing" Xbox simulation game, Isaiah Trevino's arms became thrusters as he moved the craft through what Mars mission engineers call the seven minutes of terror: bringing it to a landing safely and on target.
Philippe Cousteau, explorer, social entrepreneur, environmental advocate and the grandson of famous explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau, however, has the confidence that the next generation will find innovative ways to fix the damage that has been done to the earth and improve the lives of the global population.